Precio: 35,70
Ocasión: Ocasión informal
Adorno: Volante fruncido
Longitud Mangas: Sin mangas
Tipo de tela: Algodón
Temporada: Verano
Components: Falda
Estilo: Clásico y tradicional
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  • T****a
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  • Tabbie
    I bought this skirt well over 5 years ago. It not only STILL fits, but is excellent quality. The only wear and tear on this incredibly durable fabric is a small hole I have sewn back up myself, and that only came about a month or so ago after washing. That is something most of my own wardrobe cannot boast. Most of the time, washing and drying can shred clothing after two years or so. Not so with Milanoo. The long-lasting nature of the clothing I have bought from this site has impressed me, and to be honest, this is one of my favourite skirts to wear. It still fits me perfectly, and even though the lacing ribbon is gone, I have extra to relace it with if I chose. The skirt fabric's color retention is unparalleled, and this skirt has been with me through hell and back. How more people don't buy from this place I will never understand. Milanoo is incredibly loyal to its photographs, and I have never once feared that anything I bought came our differently than depicted. Seriously, this is the best place to buy Lolita things, and, being completely honest, taking the time to measure yourself for a custom fit is worth the small extra fee. I've never found another site that can compare to the quality this website delivers time and again. Seriously, great job, guys.
  • María
    Se ajusta a la cintura mejor de lo que pensaba, y tiene la longitud justa.
  • Karen
    I picked this skirt for my daughter so that she could take part in one of the upcoming school plays. In my honest opinion this is a little too obscene for a 17 year old and to be precise the whole idea of such a play for someone her age only aggravates the rampant sexual abuse problems amongst teenagers in this country. But I did not want to disappoint my daughter and went ahead and purchased this one. She loved it and wore it to the play. The play was a really big hit and everyone loved her part in the play. I am happy for her too but only hope that this will not lead on into something much worse and lead into something very nasty in the end.

    Querido/a Karen,

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