Cotton Red Lace Applique Cotton Lolita Dress


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Cotton Red Lace Applique Cotton Lolita Dress


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Style Sweet Shown Color Red
Fabric Cotton Embellishment Ruffles
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Neckline Square
Weight 0.54kg

Customer Reviews

  • ByEma

    Alright. I've heard many bad reviews about this site, but let me give you a description of what the dress really is-- It's good sides and it's faults. So, it is definitely made of cotton, and it's really comfortable. It actually came WAY earlier than I thought it would. I won't lie-- I was worrying about the idea of the dress being bad, but it turned out great. I think it looks much better than the picture. The colors are vibrant and not washed out. The sleeves are detachable too. I was really amazed. The petticoat now-- That really gave the dress a fuller look. It was GREAT. The one thing that kind of dissappointed me though, is the fact that two of the ribbons were pinned on. I don't really mind it though, but, that depends on your opinion in the end. Thus, concludes my review. I hope it helps.

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  • ByKelso

    great fit and since i got it on sale it was a nice price for the dress; not easy to rip or tear by accident and comfortable! love it!♥

    Dear Kelso,
    Thank you for your good comment. Look forward to doing business with you again.

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  • ByShannon

    Thank you SO much for this dress, I'm in love with it!! My mom bought it for my birthday, and I absolutely adore it! Will definitely but more in the future! :D

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Product Q&A

Are the sleeves detachable?

I read in a review about this dress that the sleeves are detachable and I was just wondering if that is true.

31/7/2013 By jennifer.ussery

No. The sleeves are not detachable, but the bows in the front are. Thank you for your interest on our product. 

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is there any way i can get this with in the week. couse i have a dance coming up soon and i want to wear this

19/5/2011 By Tag

Sorry, it cannot arrive in time. 

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