Цена: 8 007 
Происхождение: Вокалоид
Роль: Hatsune Miku
Составляющие костюма: Галстук, Носки, Рубашка, Верхняя юбка, Головной убор, Нарукавники, Аксессуары
Тип анимэ: Музыкальный
Тип: Комплекты
Тип персонажа: Игры, Японские анимэ
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  • Lawliet
    Bien! Me ha encantado es de muy buena calidad y muy bonito y cómodo! El unico problema que he tenido es con los guantes de los brazos, que me apretan mucho pero por lo demas genial y muy completo! Arigato gozaimas!
  • juri
    Я купил этот костюм в магазине, но украшение для волос было небольшим, и я не мог его правильно удержать - ☆ Я думаю, что он прочно заработал за цену 1 ^
  • 購入者
    このお値段でこれだけの品物は凄いと思います。 画像より実物の方が可愛く見えました。
  • rachelgothkelly
    will it ever be in kids sizes
  • Kazuma Hoshino
    Ich habe gerade gesehen, dass der Artikel nicht mehr da ist. Wann wird er spätestend wieder da sein? Wird das cosplay in einem monat wieder da sein oder wird das länger dauern?

    Дорогие Kazuma Hoshino,
    Guten tag vielen dank für ihre Anfrage leider weiß ich nicht genau,wann werden wir das Artikel wieder verkaufen,bitte um ihre verständnis,vielen dank die kundenservice von milanoo

  • 購入者
    サイズもピッタリだし色とかも可愛いし、買って良かったです。 この値段でミクコスできるのは中学生の私にはすごく嬉しいですっ!
  • rachel draughn
    mine DID come with the socks but it did not fit my legs so i gave them to a friends and it coems with everything else i love it! looks great but the armholes are a little too big and so are the armbands...they are just a little too long
  • Amber
    I got this a few days ago and wore it to an anime con. It was great i loved the fabric but the socks were a little short and kept falling down. Also the hair braces were a little small. Other than that the costume was great.
  • Yvonne
    I recived my cosplay on friday and I love it! The only complaint I have it that I ordered a size small after following the size chart and it's waaaaaaaaaaay to small in the chest area. Other than that this is a fine cosplay that I will be debuting at A-kon 2011! Not to mention that my cosplay came in before the delivery date! Thank you Milanoo I will be shopping with you again!
  • misa_terra
  • 16/09/2011
    I bought this costume and I have to say that I was suprised. It is a lot better than I imagined it would be! It included everyhing that I needed all neatly wraped in individual little bags. The stockings were included, but they were much too small, even for my 5'1 frame (not that I'm complaning because I didn't even expect them to be incuded.). The only negative things I have to say is that prosessing and shipping took a little over a week longer that it said the longest time would be, and that the costume was bigger than the measurements on the size chart made me think it would be. (I would also caution those with large bust sizes who want to buy this. It seems to be made for those with sizes near miku's. I'm flat chested, so it wasn't a problem for me.). I'm sad that they raised the prices right before I bought it, but it was still worth it. :)
  • okumie17
    euh excusé mwa si je vous dérange mais j'aimerais beaucoup savoir si les bas et la perruque sont vendue avec le costume ou pas ??? merchi de bien vouloir répondre vite car on est assez nombreux a vouloir une réponse !!! :3
  • Lucia
    viene con todo incluido?

    Дорогие Lucia,
    Este vestido incluye Chaleco Falda, Corbata, y blusa.

  • GabijaP2009
    I got this today. It came a week early. I didn't think anything would fit but surprisingly it did. I love the skirt and the top. I have one small problem with the top though;It's brown and not grey like it's supposed to be. I also surprisingly got stockings. One of them was a different size from the other. The sleeves were alright but were too big for me and kept sliding of. I would suggest adding something to keep it up. Other than that, awesome costume.
  • GoldmanGrace
    Needs to have the option of being tailor made, because I am short and small but not completed under developed.

    Дорогие GoldmanGrace,
    Thanks a lot for your inquiry ,please kindly leave your e-mail address to the arrival notice button .Once it's restock ,a notification e-mail will be send to you very soon .Thanks

  • marry
    hallo ich finde den cosplay sehr schön ich werde den cosplay auch sehr verscheinlich kaufen, nur ich habe ein problem das meine größe nicht dabei ist das finde ich schade :( das man bei diesen cosplay keine maßanfertigung machen kann denn ich würde den cosplay dann zufort kaufen wenn ich eine maßanfertigung machen könnte.
  • V
    Very good cosplay! The word "VOCALOID" is not written under the yellow stripe, but that's just a minor detail. It is great.

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