Цена: 1 734 
Тип: Длинное платье
Длина рукава: Длинный рукав
Воротник: V-декольте
Сезон: Лето
Ткань: Тюль
Рисунок: однотонный цвет
Стиль: Модный,современный
Модель: Силуэт
Длина: Длинные
Встроенный бюстгальтер: Нет
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  • Debbrah Murata
    Auf Grund der Bewertungen habe ich es mir eine Nummer größer bestellt und es passt wie angegossen, locker, luftig .ein sehr schönes Kleid. Habe es sehr gerne im Urlaub getragen.Lesen Sie weiter
  • Nagesh Bob
    Let me start by saying this dress is ADORABLE. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it! It fits pretty well, I would say order true to size or even a size down. I’m 5’5, 120 lbs and the small fit perfect except being a little big in the waist, though it isn’t super noticeable. I was really skeptical when I ordered this, I’m generally very brand/retailer picky about my clothes and have never ordered clothing from brands I am unfamiliar with off milanoo. I took my chances on this and it totally paid off. I really wish I could give it 5 stars, it’s cuteness is definitely 5 star worthy, but I had to knock it down one because of quality (which really isn’t that surprising given price). When i received it, the stitching was not done terribly well so edges that had been surged had surged stitching sticking out, which I had to cut off before wearing. One other thing that I didn’t realize when I ordered it is that the waist area is a stretchy elastic material that I often affiliate with cheaper clothing. I’m not wild about it but the dress is still cute and I won’t count it against my rating of the dress because it isn’t a problem, it’s simply a matter of taste preference. I have washed it once thus far and have worn it for a few times, holding up well so far.
  • Dee Dembo
    This is the first review I have ever written. I like this dress so much that I had to give some feedback:I wore this to my cousin's wedding in Mexico and it was fantastic! I am 5' 1, and about 140 lbs. I look fabulous in this and I got so many compliments. It is comfortable, light-weight, and not too long. If I can find a maxi dress that I don't have to wear gigantic heels in, I consider it a miracle. I did have a little trouble with the crochet back getting caught on my bra strap, but other than that, it is pretty great!
  • Myrle Stebleton
    Love the dress, the buttons have space between them intentionally where skin or bra will show so be aware (loop button closures). There is an elasticized waist which will give quite a bit. I am a size 12 and ordered XXL but should have ordered an XL. Before washing and drying on high it was at least one size too big. After drying it shrunk one size. The sleeves (after wash) are right at my elbow and the length came up to ankle before washing it touched the floor. I am 5'7. If I were ordering again I would order XL and dry for a short time. Still love the dress, glad it shrunk but beware of the dryer if yours fits right out of bag!
  • Catherinn Pindell
    I'll try to answer some questions. After reading many reviews, I took my chances and I got a defective dress. I've decided this source from this seller is sketchy in quality, so it may be a luck of the draw what you get. It not the seller who makes the dress, I've have another dress by this seller (that had far less complaints about defects) than this one and it came fine and gets many compliments! The button hole loops were missing in a spot. The small fit was fine and came below ankles just flirting with grazing the floor but not touching. I ordered a small, reference I wear a size 0-1 pant n Old Navy, 34b, 24waist, and 5'6 110 lbs. The dress itself is typical rayon material and the navy green pattern just as pictured, no surprises. I'm happy with the rayon dress, no I don't feel it's too low cut or to high of leg slit, so it looks like the model's picture. As you read, I'm not really short and may be on the slim side. This is rayon. I guess I take for granted people know fabric, but I'm been a long time fashionista. I already knew this despite some saying cotton, because have ordered these Chinese dresses before. You must know rayon SHRINKS and wrinkles. Never treat it like usual laundry and wash and machine dry it!! Use tepid lukewarm water or cold delicate/hand wash cycle and hang dry rayon to not shrink it. And wash it first few times by itself, as dye in rayon, (esp dark dyes) can bleed. It is as pictured and pretty so I will return and try another. Now, I read so many reviews and asked community on ths particular sizing, as every dress pattern is different when dealing with Chinese clothing. I'd like to thank those who answered. I'd like to ask those who review, PLEASE STATE THE SIZE RECEIVED AND YOUR MEASUREMENTS or it's not helpful as most people are trying to figure out sizing. Be as exact as possible, descriptions like I usually wear a medium is not as helpful as bust, waist, and height references, and weight is really helpful to include. I'd recommend this dress ?? .
  • Edria Hoffenberg
    LOVE this dress. I'd wear it everyday if I could. Very chic and comfortable and it photographs well!
  • Kahper Mink
    Nettes Sommerkleid, passt von der Größe sehr gut, fällt eher etwas größer aus. Den reißverschluß hätte man nicht gebraucht, da es locker fällt.Der Stoff ist schön fliesend.Lesen Sie weiter
  • Jur Madaus
    I love this dress! It is flattering, light, and comfortable. Before now, I was unable to wear maxi dresses because they are always too long for my 5'4, frame, by this one ends right at the bottom of my ankles.
  • Donnie Groenewold
    Can't beat it for the price!
  • Danieal Osbourn
    Very happy - secure shipping - very happy with the item quality and material. Item is surprisingly comfortable!
  • Lyonel Brucks
    I like this dress. Flattering cut and the perfect length. I am 5'3.5, (in bare feet) and the length is perfect. I can't tell you how happy I am to not need a seamstress for this. The dress is soft and lightweight. Thin material, yet I won't need a slip. Based off other reviewers, I originally purchased an XL. That was waaayyy too big on me in the bust and waist area. I returned that one and purchased the L size. It is still a bit big, but I am leery of trying a medium and it being tight. The manufacturer measurements indicate that a XL would be my size... but that is not true for me. I would rather have some room than be squeezed to death - especially since I like beer, ice cream, cake, burgers, etc. I digress. I am a size 10 in clothing and weigh 163lbs. I'm deducting one star for two reasons: sizing is off a bit and I haven't laundered it yet. I will come back to update after laundering since some people have mentioned shrinkage.
  • Joviana Matas
    Really like these dresses! I bought several colors. Originally tried size medium since I'm not as slender as I used to be but found that the small was a better fit and the elastic under the boobs is frankly very forgiving and very flattering. I'm 5'3 so in bare feet the hem hits the ground, but any shoes especially with a bit of heel and it's no problem - in fact, it's just right. Since I'm short, if I button all of the buttons then the slit is totally modest, hitting only just above my knee; the photos definitely either depict a tall woman or she's not totally buttoned so don't worry about your modesty unless you're really unusually very tall. Very lightweight fabric, happy with that part since a long heavy dress wouldn't be fun. Love how wide the skirt is at the bottom, great flare! Buttons go all the way but these dresses have some fabric backing to prevent gapping at the buttons - if I get really worried about it then I'll just throw a couple of stitches in there. I cut off the tassels on all of the dresses I got, who needs those things swaying in the wind looking all silly? Lighter patterns may require a slip! I did return one because the dress was too sheer, but the darker ones are fine. Just keep that in mind, or have the right color underwear available so it doesn't show through. The dresses with the longer sleeves (sort of a half sleeve) are a little tight on my flabby upper arms but since the fabric has some stretch it's really ok. The cap sleeves on the short sleeve options have no issue at all in that department.
  • Dallon Bernthal
    On one hand, I absolutely adore the look of this dress. I love the way it flows, I like the design, I love the pattern. I'd wear it all the time if I could.On the other... I can't wear it all the time. For one, the proportions can be a bit of a challenge. I'm a big busted girl, so while I could fit into the dress, the deep v-neck occasionally gets a little more raunchy than I would like, and the slit in the front goes so high that I actually sewed the two parts together a good two or three inches so I could cross my legs at work without raising any eyebrows. (I'm 5'8,, so I think I'm roughly the same height as the model--and least, when I'm in heels the dress hits me at the same point as it hits her in the photo.) Also, the material is a little bit cheap; the string of the tassle in the front unraveled within the first three wears, and within four months it unraveled to the point where I can't wear it anymore.That being said, I'm still giving the dress a full four stars just because I love the look of it so much, it flows so great when you walk (good luck not staring at yourself when passing shiny buildings), and for the price it's pretty decent! (I bought it on sale; I don't remember the exact price but it was under $35 when I got it.) In the four months I owned it I probably wore it eight or nine times at a wide variety of events and got lots of compliments.
  • Samicah Cannada
    I just received my dress, it is the beige yellow XXL and it is rather large on me. I went by a few factors on why I chose XXL size: My measurements (40DD-35-45,) size chart and what other reviewers had recommended; I am beyond surprised by how large the dress fit.There is definite confusion on the size chart, the biggest factor being the waist measurement on the XXL; 29.7, for waist without mentioning the waist could stretch to 37 to 38, that piece of info would be great to know. The sleeve's are basic size for dress size 14-16 (in my opinion,) if you have heavy upper arms and normally wear a 1X-2X be cautious of sizing before you buy. Plus sizes are made differently then regular sizes, they have a few inches more in: shoulder, back and arms and regular sizes don't; these are a few things to keep in mind.The bottom half of the dress is so flowing with material, someone who is pear shaped and is 1X on bottom and regular size on top go for it; my sister weighs over 200 pounds and is pear shaped and she could wear the XXL no problem.
  • Frydda Briese
    It's cute but it's shorter than I thought.
  • Edwardo Hughston
    Я взял платье, выяснил, как ухаживать за ним ... мыть руки, чтобы сушить, чтобы предотвратить усадку. Это хорошо вписывается. Я обычно ношу размер 8, мне 5 '3, высокий, 145 фунтов и грудастая 36DD, она была плотно прилегающая к бюсту, не плотная после того, как я ее вымыла. Это низкий срез, .. носить камзол с ним. Он длинный, до самого пола плоский. Я ношу 3, каблуки с ним, и это хорошая длина. Я отрезал это и зажал это. БОНУС: Муж любит это! Я люблю цвета, и они не слишком крепкие в руках. Полная юбка, красиво течет. Подол - единственная причина, по которой я не дал ему 5 звезд, он не подшит, просто сшит через оверлок (но если вы посмотрите внимательно, фотографии показывают это) и длиннее с одной стороны на пару дюймов. За все отличное платье
  • Allisin Bridges
    Relevant info: I'm 5'3, I weigh about 140, I take a 34C and clothes that are sized small are often uncomfortable across my upper back. I took a Large.Ok, to start, this is a $30 dress. If you're expecting Givenchy quality you will be disappointed. But for a $30 dress, this is a VERY nice dress!The sizing varies by the print so definitely read as many reviews as you can. I bought the Black and the Black-Green and I had to return the Black-Green because it was way too long. The Black is perfect to *maybe* a half inch too long when barefoot, but I'm not tripping at all so I'm not worried about it.The buttons do not go all the way down as I thought they did, but I actually love where it opens (about knee level on me) and it looks fully closed when I'm standing instead of walking.There were a few loose threads which I cut and do not care about.It's not too low cut, which I was afraid of. I'm not very busty, as mentioned above. My favorite thing is the piece of fabric (placket?) under the buttons which prevents that dreaded gap and peekaboo of skin. That alone is worth the 5 stars. It's also not see-through, HOORAY, and not too tight on my arms.Overall a fantastic purchase and I'm on the lookout for another!
  • Doralynah Audas
    Gorgeous dress. Love it!! But be warned, if you have big arms and a big chest then it might be too snug. I can wear a 14/16/18 depending on the style and cut of the clothing. I'm a true hourglass with a small waist, a 38 DD chest, and big hips - and I'm 5'5,. I ordered the XXL. The length is fine, covers the feet and I can wear it with heels or flats. Across the chest is fine too. The problems for me are the arms and the waist. The arms are too tight. I can put it on and close it, they just give you that sausage-packed feel, like if you move the wrong way you'll rip a seam in the back. It's uncomfortable. Also, like I said, I have a small waist for a woman my size so it's too loose in that area. There is a string at the waist which I thought would allow you to draw it in tighter, but it's just there for decoration, really.Overall, I love the dress and will order more. But I will have the arms let out and the waist taken in an inch or two. Oh, and just because I like modesty, I'll close that slit at the front too.
  • Mamoru Kremin
    War ja skeptisch ,bin aber voll begeistert ,schöner Stoff ,kühlt etwas ,und die Farbe ist Top.Paßt mir super Dankeschön dafürLesen Sie weiter
  • Oleg Romain
    This dress is very comfortable, and I receive so many compliments when ever I wear it!! It can be dressed up for down too, which I love!This dress is large around my waist (which isn’t noticeable in a picture as much because of the deep contrast of colors). I ordered a size M. If I were to size down, the seams of the waist would rise high on my chest. For that reason I would decide to keep the size I got. The length of this dress is nice, but a little longer in the back. When standing up, I step on the hem every single time, so just be aware of that too.For reference, I am 145 lbs, 5’6” and wear a 32 DD.Despite that it runs big on me, I love the colors of this dress as well as the flowy-ness of it when I walk. I feel beautiful but modest in it, which is hard to find sometimes!

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