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Белое платье V шеи бабочку бисером Homecoming платье без рукавов короткое платье партии линии

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Итоговая цена: 4 680 


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Ткань Сетка Украшение Бант
Подол/Шлейф Короткая юбка Cилуэт А-силуэт
Воротник V-декольте Длина рукава Без рукавов
Подкладка Да Есть ли подъюбник Нет
Встроенный бюстгальтер Да События Встреча выпускников, Коктейль
примечание Dress only; petticoat not included. Вес 0.6кг


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  • B****t
    Default praise
  • Vigna
    действительно хорошее платье, мне нравится особенно украшения бабочки, я прибыл вовремя, то лучше сделать покупку как можно скорее!
  • malerin
    espectacular y original
  • Benn Guest
    I absolutely loved this dress, and for the price it was definitely worth it. I wore it for two proms so I got a pretty good idea of how it feels, etc. I am 4’11 with a 34b/c (depending on the company, in pink im a c) cup size and somewhere between a 25-28 in waist size and I got a size 8. At first I got a size 4, it almost fit but the bust was too small, but the length surprisingly fit well. I went up to a size 8 to be safe, and it was mostly fine but now a little too big in the bust, so I got the shoulders altered. The length still fit, just a little bit longer than the last one and I was wearing heels anyways. I have pretty sensitive skin, and for the most part it felt fine and there wasn’t any itchiness for the combined 13 ish hours I was wearing it. But I can definitely see if someone with very very sensitive skin were to wear this dress they’d be a little uncomfy in it. I suggest if you’re around my size to probably aim for a size 6 since I couldn’t slouch in the dress since it was still a little too big in the front despite being altered. I also got the mesh piece cut out and it looked SO much better, so for anyone wondering if they should I totally suggest doing it, it made the appearance of the dress much prettier on me. Also, even though it has built in pads, I suggest investing in a backless bra (I got mine from kissbobo on Milanoo and it’s so so good) just for more comfortability. The embroidery is beautiful and overall it’s a great dress for the price!! I got many compliments! The main difficulties I had with this dress were it not fitting completely to my liking (mostly my own fault) and the hook is quite hard to find and fasten because the eye is just a little string that is the same color of the dress (pictured). Also, the belt on the dress when off seems loose like it’s going to fall off but when the dress is on it tightens! (Ps, I got burgundy, but I’m daylight it is more of a red. The close up pictures of the embroidery are darkened a bit just to get a better view of the details, and then that’s the only picture I have of the back). Enjoy!
  • Honorin Culverson
    This was the 2nd dress we tried from Milanoo for my daughter to go to prom with her friends from her old school and for a trip to the MET. I have to say I was surprised. The dress fit perfect and is well made. Used the measurements and ordered a size 4. She is 5.6 122 lbs. Only needed a slight heel. She is happy that the material is very flexible and she doesn't feel like she was constricted. She was doing squats in the living room to show me how she could actually move in it. Great dress for the $$$$.
  • Lei Seaquist
    The dress is beautiful on. It was too short for my 5'10, daughter(by approx 2 inches). She's a size 5/6 or medium(34b and fuller through the hips). We ordered a size 8 and it fit in every other way! My husband also loved it. Sorry to send it back.
  • Kalina Bugos
    I love this dress for the evening. the price was right
  • Marsé Octavio
    El vestido como esperaba muy bien, he acertado comprando a esta firma la calidad y precio no tiene competencia, seguire visitando la pagina.
  • Mayorca Eulogio
    Es muuuy bonito pero para mi gusto m está muy justo d la cadera y ancho del pecho. Calidad estupenda.Lo recomiendo para quien tenga una figura con menos curvas
  • A****a
    Il cliente ha elogiato per impostazione predefinita.

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