Price: 29.99
Design: Shaping
Type: Overbust Corset
Pattern: Lace
Fabric: Voile
Occasion: Wedding
Group: Women
Back Details: Lace-up
Closures: Front Button
Style: Sweet
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  • Dave Kercheval
    Good product for price. I went by sizing chart and ordered a 5xl however it was too big. So decided to go down to 3xl. Which fits great, but I did loosen the laces up just slightly. It definitely has some give.
  • Pundarik Selva
    I ordered this for my wedding and it did wonders when I tried it on! Sadly, I ordered it too close to my wedding and it did not fit with my dress (the combination of the two was way too tight) so I had to return it. If you're looking for a corset for your wedding I highly recommend this trying this one, and taking it with you to try on dresses! It's a gorgeous material and man does it get the job done.
  • Koryne Cockram
    I read the other reviews carefully and being a US size 14-16 I ordered a 4x. It fit beautifully! The back laces are ridiculously easy to tighten and I'm in love with the quality of this piece! First review I've ever given because I'm so in love with it
  • Piptisa Betterly
    CUTE!! fits true to size. i wear a size 2 and i got the small that fit perfectly! but the small would fit up to a 4 (if that helps). this is the third corset that i've tried on from amazon, the first two were from a different company and they unfortunately were too big. this one fit perfectly and was EASY to get on! the zipper is a MUST if you don't want to spend forever trying to get it on! i loosen the back and zip it up, then just tighten the back strings! the strings on the one are super nice too because they are more of a shoelace so they HOLD, the other ones i've tried looked cute but were too silky to actually stay. i bought this one for V-Day to surprise the hubby, and I'm VERY pleased with this purchase and will be buying another one here pretty soon! =)
  • Hellmut Torok
    Some other reviews on here have said that it's a bit flimsy. That was not the case for me at all. It's a great fashion corset. I've worn it on multiple occasions and always get compliments on it. Keep in mind that it does have plastic boning. That means it's not going to hold as tight a shape as a steel boned one. It still holds great though. No digging or pinching anywhere. Comfortable enough to wear the whole night. I'll be buying more from this seller!
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  • Inés
    I like this corse a lot!

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  • Dora
    Love the pinky colour! It is a little bit smaller for me but I can slip into it!Overall, it is a good quality corset.
  • Anath Perrodin
    Absolutely beautiful! It makes my breasts look so beautiful and lifted like a mode midevil wench! You do have to cut the ribbon to tie it the right way... I do wish it had a cord instead of a ribbon. It does fit a little small though. I am used to boning corsets which fit so tight u need to make sure you don't faint but this is one in which has a size order for the laces to look right it needs to fit a certain way but other wise it's absolutely beautiful and we'll made I recommend this to any mama who wants to feel sexy even of u have some extra skin or stretch marks this smooths you out and sucks it all in to make you have a beautiful shape
  • A****e
    The customer praised by default.
  • Albain Heeter
    Beautiful, fit as expected however I did need to buy a ribbon and re lace it to get it to fit to MY body type, I like being about to adjust the top separate from the bottom and having 2 sets of ribbons gives to more control. Would buy again.Felt sexy the moment I put it on before I even adjusted it, the color of the deep blue is beyond words.
  • Osmen Larmore
    Looks great, feels a touch small but it adjusts.
  • Fatima Kosowski
  • Burk McElduff
    Hell yes!! I love this so much! I just it in my Psylocke cosplay and it fits so nicely and looks hella good on me. I will be using this for many different cosplays and occasions.
  • Callice Priesmeyer
    So, so sexy. I found this type of corset easier to get myself into than some of my others, which most definitely require assistance. This style one can manage all on one’s own.
  • McCoy Vandenbos
    Yay it looks good and it feels great! I'm so happy!
  • Rasham Bartolomei
    I did not buy this corset for cosplay, costume, or whatever else. I bought this corset; because, I love what they do for my waist when I wear a dress! No bulge, lifts my breasts, and helps to make my posture better!This corset is very well made! It felt sturdy when I first put it on! I will absolutely order more in the future! The only thing I do not like is the plastic boning. I really wish a metal option would be offered, but still a really well made corset!**Update** 07/03/2017 The metal clasps need a bit of improving since mine like to undo themselves. Something a bit more sturdier! All-in-all still this corset is still durable and still lovin it!
  • Kainen Zeier
    Have never owned a corset before. Now I never want to take it off! I’ve used it for the Renaissance festival and plenty of boudoir photo shoots. Quality material and build. Will be ordering more!

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