Price: 96.43
Source: VOCALOID Cosplay
Character: Megurine Ruki
Components: Accessory, Socks, Sash, Overcoat, Long Skirt, Arm Cover
Fabric: Lining
Anime&Manga Type: Musical
Type: Sets
Character Type: Game, Japanese Anime
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  • Majola Justine
    Why are you increasing prices all the time? Megurine Luka's cosplay has increased by 24 €. It's not normal that you lower and increase prices. It gets more and more expensive. Lower them, if you can. Thanks your understanding. Majola Justine
  • Nat
    Deat Milanoo, Got my costume about a week ago. Absolutely fantastic! It came really fast. But I'm having the problem that most customers have with the chest piece is stick might have been caused by cheap paint and I had to rip it off the packaging. Also I'm considering buying a different chest piece form somewhere else or make it myself. Other wise it's a great cosplay outfit. It's very close to the original and the lining in the skirt is the same color. Thank you milanoo, Nat
  • JP
    I bought this for my teenage daughter. She is 5'6" and 155 lbs. We bought the XXL and it is a good fit. The fabric says 65% cotton, 35% polyester- I can't tell if that is correct, but I like it. It feels like a matte satin, so it has a shine and feels nice, and it is lined, so it is thick enough to be an actual garment. The gold trim is like a gold lame' fabric and there is some gold screen printing on the skirt slit which looks good. The belt works fine and looks better than anything I could make. The socks are just okay. They are sheer black with the stretchy gold on top. I wish they were longer and made of opaque material. I tried making my own, but that gold on top is the hard part. The "necklace" is very sticky. It doesn't seem to want to dry. It should be kept separate from other things because it will stick and have paint transfer.
  • Zanzie
    Have just worn this outfit - was happy considering this is the first cosplay outfit I've bought online. The socks are.. interesting - I received two that were of different lengths, but I just stretched them out to achieve the length I wanted. The decorative loop around the neck comes separately with a safety pin to put it on - it was evident that it had been painted or sprayed with paint and then put into the bag straight away, so it was still sticky and some of the paint came off on the bag, but otherwise good. The fabric feels really nice and it is quite comfortable to wear. I got mine custom made and it was pretty spot on :D
  • JP
    by the way, there are 2 arm bands and the sleeve with studs that look like buttons. They fit fine and looked authentic.
  • Bri
    I just got my outfit today, I ordered an XL and I got that in the skirt but for some unknown reason I got a medium in the shirt. It does not fit my chest and I'm a bit upset about this since it was suppost to be XL. :/
  • ArmachiA
    Like the others, the socks baffled me, but I think I can make my own or stretch them to the desired length. The costume is great, good fabric and well made. My necklace thing was sticky, but not wet and it didn't transfer it's paint to anything. Really great for someone who just doesn't have time to make their own costumes!
  • Mishy
    Is the hemming in some parts actually that (almost) highlighter yellow color that pops up or is it actually more gold?
  • Luisa
    Perfect Costume with good quality, I love it.
  • ddr_master0602
    do stockings come with this product? and i see how do i do the custom fittings? i seen in previous comments that someone paid an extra 6.99 for custom fitting, so how do i do this?

    Dear ddr_master0602,
    Yes, the stockings will come with this suit. And it can be custom made. just select CUSTOME MADE from the size option. It will cost you more for the custom made fee.  Please measure the sizes carefully in consideration of the style in case of dissatisfied about the effect when fit it on just like other customers. ^ ^

  • Kawaii Ne~!
    Would the kid's small fit a ten year old? The ten year old isn't big, she is average. What would be better, small or large for an average 10 year old?
  • Drew
    If I buy the 'male' version of this. Will it look the same as the female one?
  • izzy
    I bought this costume and am very happy with it. not only is it true to the character and is made out of quality material, it also took only 11 days to ship (I live in the US). the only things that were bad about it were the socks and the necklace. the socks are supposed to be thigh-high (the pic showed that they wouldn't be so I wasn't really expecting them to be) but you can buy thigh-high black stalkings anywhere. The necklace is the worst thing. It is made out of a rubber type material and so the paint remains tacky no matter what (it rubs off on things). it's so bad that i might have to replace it. as for the rest of the costume, it fits great and looks great, thank you.
  • Soula
    Do the boots come with this?

    Dear Soula,
    the boots will not come with this.

  • Aiko
    I just recieved my cosplay today and it fits soo well! I got a 3XL because of my proptions and its the perfect size for a tall girl like myself. The shipping was quite fast as well. Ordered it on the 16th and recieved it about 3 weeks later! Thanks Milanoo!
  • léa
    I is not them the time for the cosplay japan expo please this is 27 days as I waited I would like to have it soon thank you to your team of millanoo
  • aldana
    emmm a mi cuanto me costaria si vivo en argentina...???'

    Dear aldana,
    El precio es lo que muestra en la página web. Puede ver los gastos exactos en la cesta de compra antes de pagar.

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