Price: 74.55
Source: VOCALOID Cosplay
Character: Kagamine Rin / Len
Components: Accessory, Top, Shorts, Shoes Cover, Sash, Headwear, Arm Cover
Anime&Manga Type: Musical
Type: Sets
Character Type: Game, Japanese Anime
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  • Van Derwen. E
    For a cosplay bought I can only recognize the excellent finish. Faithful to the photo and pleasant to wear, the only thing that could be blamed for it would be the choice of fabrics (a little too bright for my taste) but still it's more personal taste than general truth. To summarize, good product!
  • JOUSSAINNathalie
    Super cosplay, I love it !! : 3
  • Himatsu
    I have ordered several version of this costume from other sites, and this was by far the best! I would highly recommend it to any cosplayer! They really payed attention to the details!
  • Tay-Chan
    This was a pretty nice cosplay. It was somewhat cheap looking, according to my friend, but the fit was perfect. It's not exactly the best material for cosplay, compared to the professional cosplayers, but it's still pretty nice and not like cheap material. Overall, it's not bad. I love it personally.
  • MataLeslie
    It was awesome, i was sp happy with it. :)
  • Baka
    Rakastan tätä mutta kaksi juttua.. Paita on hieman läpinäkyvä Ja vyötä ei tullut mukana
  • A****e
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  • A****a
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  • Nat
    Dear Milanoo, I've had my costume for about two months and worn it some and it's awesome! Very well made. I got it custom sized fits perfectly!I was advised to by one of the nice people on this site I say good customer service. My mom order for me and told me it would take a month but it seemed to be a week and a half. Thank you Milanoo I know I will order again from you soon, Nat
  • Moon
    I am a Vocaloid fan and so when I saw this cosplay I had to have it! Rin is my favorite, so I ordered it! Milanoo solved all my issues (since this was my first time ordering from them) just like that! I got my cosplay and everything fits perfectly! Also, ever bit of this costume is accurate, all the way down to the smallest details. The bow is bigger than I expected, but again it's perfect size for Kagamine Rin. The only thing is that my shorts don't fit since I have a strange complex haha. Other than that, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. My costume actually got here a week before the estimated time! I highly recommend buying this costume if you're looking for a high quality Rin costume.
  • Nova-chii
    My cosplay came in yesterday, and it was AMAZING!! Thank you so much Milanoo :)
  • dalia98
    the \ "shoe covers \" how do you keep your legs ??

    Dear dalia98,
    La parte superiore è elasticizzata. GRAZIE CIAO!

  • chloé
    the shorts do not stick to the skin and it is not as short as that of the real Rin.
  • rin kagamine
    Would you like to know how long it would take for the kagamine rin a hermosillo sonora suit to arrive? avor respond soon :)

    Dear rin kagamine,
    Se tardaría 27-33 días en entregarle este vestido.

  • D****l
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  • kany.chan.otaku
    Emmm hello! I would like to know how long it would take an order to Colombia! I looked a lot for this wardrobe and I think that this is one of the few that have convinced me! I would have appreciated to respond as soon as possible and have a very good day! Arigatto! ^^

    Dear kany.chan.otaku,
    Se tardaría 35 días en entregarle el pedido.

  • Kahori.Sympas
    The material is very pleasant to wear. No defects regretted. Parcel arrived in time.
  • Debora Gagliardi
    sorry, I can order it because I would need it in a hurry, since in a cosplay I do the vocaloid Rin kagamine, I would need by April 10.
  • sara
    I wanted to know how long it would take for me to get the costume since I live in Texas. I have a con in Augest so how long will it take?

    Dear sara,
    Dear Sara, The total time is the processing time plus the delivery time. This dress will take about 19 days. You can refer to the information in the DELIVER for guide.

  • XD
    i want to buy this for a 12 year old, so will the bellybutton show? and if i dont want the leg/arm warmers, can we take that of the price?

    Dear XD,
    It depends on the size you choose.You can choose suitable size in our size chart.To avoid unsuitable,please kindly note the detailed information about the size.About the price,we just can charge you at that price which showed in the site.

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