Price: 9.99
Occasion: Indoor, Field, Work, Resort Wear
Material: ABS
Pattern: Solid Color
Function: Soothing, Deep cleanse, Rejuvenating, Moisturizing, Exfoliating, Skin Lifting, Whitening
Support interface: Micro USB
Input: 5V/1A
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  • LeeSissi
    Moisturizing, send my love, it can carry water anytime, anywhere. Well
  • Zack
    I take this with me wherever I go. It's small and convenient to use. It can take care of my skin, also it can charge my iphone.
  • Claudine
    very cute, but also practical
  • laurence
    I bring it in my bag. It is practical and useful.
  • Valdez
    Good effect, I love it very much, portable good value for money.
  • Anézia
    This Pink Beauty Care Hydrating Ionic Facial Mist Sprayer is well made on the day of use. Recommended is worth it for you all.
  • Selune
    This makeup tool is beautiful and easy to use, we recommend you to wear it to the company or travel outside.
  • 岩崎 奈々
    The mist feels good and the skin feels moist and clean! It is convenient because it can be used anytime and anywhere because it is small. I would recommend it to people around me ♪
  • fengivy
    It's really convenient! Best for travelling and business trip!
  • Martina
    very easy to use, the moisturizing function is very good, I recommend it.
  • Bianchi
    Great product. Do what it promises. Used for eyelash extensions and it is fantastic, does not make your eyes burn and sweeps away the glue fumes. I advise
  • Candaice Bornhoft
    quick facial steaming and open pores! Very pleasant
  • Ralphine Brenneis
    I'm adding it to my weekly facial because it makes my skin look good. It definitely helps to absorb my moisturizer into my skin.
  • Humbirt Monkman
    Very refreshing makes your face look really good after use. Have had no problems with it at all.
  • Everest Cagwin
    I really like this article. Compared to its more expensive competition, it really stacked up. I use it about once a week and every time I use the device my face feels like I just left the spa.
  • Jayvyn Breckel
    I use it at night before bed and it feels very refreshing. Then I clean my face with clean! Definitely helped me a lot !!
  • Adair Eastridge
    I live in the north and my skin and sinuses become very dry. This is an excellent device for moisturizing.
  • Lew Miers
    Interesting device! Very compact to bring!
  • Chata Hett
    I use the nebulizer for eyelash extensions tip top the small part! Also for between by a great cooling and pleasant on the skin. Looks really cute with the little heart and can be super light and handle. Also, the recharge with the cable a great thing! For the money of just under 10 € unbeatable. Immediately again and absolute recommendation.
  • Fortyne Kneece
    I was looking for a spray for the handbag in small format that I can take through the security check. This little miracle is awesome. It sprays a fine little cloud and makes the skin visibly smoother in no time. Am thrilled and bought two to give away ..

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