Price: 79.99
Theme: Angel
Material: Feather
Gender: Unisex
Group: Adults
Components: Wings
Occasion: Mardi Gras
Type: wings
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  • Angela
    Decent wings especially for the money. Exactly as pictured.
  • gatineau
    perfect size, excellent price / quality ratio, J IN SUIS RAVIE, I REALLY ADVISE
  • LeeSissi
    If you are looking for a few beautiful angel wings for quite small money will find it here. The quality is quite neat, because you can not really complain.
  • gabriela
    They are perfect, very happy with the purchase, very nice
  • 山城 扶美恵
    There was no mistake in the product I thought! It was cute and the size was just right.
  • Kushan Muszynski
    I bought these for my 18 year old daughter for a Halloween costume. They are amazing. It comes with a tiny headband that wouldn't have fit her - I could have extended it if she wanted to use it, but she didn't. It also comes with extra feathers. Naturally, I had to extend the elastic straps as this is made for a small child. I would imagine her friends will be asking her to borrow it next year!
  • David De Groodt
    These are GORGEOUS angel wings for a child. If you're looking for wings for a costume or play, I recommend these.They are heavier than the nylon fairy wings, so be aware of that. They are stiff (which is GOOD, that means they won't damage easily).Real feathers on the front and back. They are a great size for ages 4 and up. Any younger and I believe they would be too cumbersome for the child. Definitely not for infants.They come folded for packing, but you can bend them into any shape you'd like (fully open, slightly back, etc).These will last YEARS if you're good to them. They also come with extra feathers if some fall off. We haven't had that issue, yet.
  • Farra Karch
    Awesome wings, very, very classy for our Christmas pageant Manger Angels. Tons and tons of compliments from the entire congregation and the kids loved wearing them. It's appropriate for maybe 7-10 year old, and up. Quality is good enough to use over and over for years to come
  • Sekai Lovering
    Good quality. Nice and full. Not see through like cheaper styles.
  • Harmonyah Aus
    So cute! I made the arm bands a bit bigger and wore as an angel for Halloween! Perfect size to wear at a crowded party and not get in the way. Also a very comfortable weight. Excellent craftsmanship!! They are really beautiful. They were shipped very carefully and I received them quickly! I highly recommend these for a child or adult. I am 5'9, and weigh 145...FYI
  • Agramonte Adrián
    as seen in The photo, very good quality
  • L****e
    Default praise
  • Liberty Langseth
    These aren't just for kids. The straps are long enough and the material is stretchy enough to fit an adult. I've used them in photoshoots with clients for cute Valentines day shoots. The material is really sturdy, and bendable, the wings look great and are put together in a more realistic way than most cheap, quick buy wings. I highly recommend for costumes.
  • Ovid Barrish
    I ordered these for a photo shoot of my daughter as an angel. She will also use them as a Halloween costume. She loved them. They looked adorable!

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