Price: 21.43
Theme: Belly Dancer
Category: Outfits
Fabric: Chiffon
Gender: Women
Group: Adults
Components: Veil, Top, Pants
Occasion: Performance
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  • Elisa
    I bought this belly dance costume for a competition, it fits me perfectly, there is a good quality-price ratio. I arrived in time for the race, thanks Milanoo!
  • Natália
    Bought at discount time. Price very acceptable.
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  • Yvonne
    Relatively nice costume, pants somewhat transparent and the top only suitable for people with small bust
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  • Jordana Muszynski
    The belly dance costume was delivered very fast and the quality is also ok. The only thing that looks very cheap is the headdress (plastic) so here's a star print. The color is as in the photo a nice neon green with which you will notice in any case. With big breasts you have to cut out the foam inserts, but that does not take 5 minutes and which is not noticeable if you have the costume anhat.Klimpert also great dance. I am very satisfied. Read on
  • Ovid Barrish
    Hi;) the costume was just the blast. Bright turquoise and a lot of strumming! We needed these costumes for dance performances on various carnival events which is why we ordered one on trial. I was equally enthusiastic, just like my mistresses. In the package were included: trousers, hip scarf, top, hair towel, hair jewelry, bracelet. For us, the top was seen from the back but a bit too revealing (very thin halter straps), which is why we used the hair towel and from the thin neckholder thick After having made about 10 gigs, I can say that the costumes were definitely worth it! Of course, here and there once a seam has risen but the price is worth the mend;) Continue reading
  • Kemplea De Groodt
    The delivery took a while, but the costume arrived well packaged. All parts have been individually packaged, so that the numerals coins and sequins do not break the fabric. Also the unit size was fine with me, although such costumes are always way too big for me. Unfortunately, a sequin fell off the top at the first fitting but that does not even stand out, because so many are hanging from it. The smell is slightly uncomfortable, but it also goes away quickly by washing and airing. Read on
  • Boon Exline
    I bought this costume for the carnival and I have to say it is really great. Of course you have to keep in mind that it is very loud, because everything jingles nicely and at times you feel as if you set the sleigh of the reindeer. Also note that it takes a longer time to deliver ... Continue reading
  • Brandi Fichter
    Fast delivery, goods super, gladly again, have the veil tailor-made in a small veil for the head and 2 veils for the Arme.Habe sewn to the border of a rubber and sewn together in Oberarmstärke. When I move my arms, the veils on my arms fly like fans or wings. Looks great! Read on
  • Paavana Bame
    The price is right, the quality is right, I bought this costume for my girlfriend. I am very happy with it and would buy it again and would recommend it to others. Read on
  • Kalani Karch
    The costume fits great:) The quality is sufficient and at each costume party was the focus:) The veil can be adjusted well with the chain on his head size read on
  • Lisabet Runde
    The costume looks pretty chic. The quality is rather average, you realize that it is not intended for everyday use. Value for money is OK. Continue reading
  • Callum Naden
    I ordered this costume in pink - in the version with veil. I would also order this again! Normally, I never go out of the house without a bra, in this costume, I had to rethink ^ ^. Unfortunately neither halter nor strapless bra was invisible under this costume. IT DOES NOT MATTER ANYWAY! Since the top is cut like a triangle bikini and has cup inserts, the whole works well without and you do not have to worry about looking out wearers. The veil also makes you feel well dressed and surprisingly keeps you warm too! Unfortunately I did not manage to attach the jewelery chain to the veil so that it will hold and look as beautiful as on the picture Hair clips attached. Folded great and kept the whole (carnival) evening despite a lot of dancing. The pants are comfortable, does not slip and looks great! All in all, you just have to put on shoes and is otherwise fully equipped. Compliments were also enough! Such good quality with attention to detail and color intensity does not often exist! For the price in my opinion is completely justified! I hope to wear this costume often, as long as it suits me:) (Once it was already washed by hand without any part being damaged.) Read on
  • Talisha Arrasmith
    I really did not think that it was so beautiful. I am 1.70m, 58kg, large bust size. The costume also looks like the pictures and the color (dark blue) is also as shown. Everything fits great, since the cords are natural are ideal to adapt to any size, my mom also tried it, mMn also suitable for larger sizes if you dare. Read on

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