Decote V Folhada Fecho De lantejoula Cauda até ao joelho Vestido mãe da noiva

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  • Pinquana Hofstetter
    The dress fits beautifully and is very elegant. Excellent quality for the price.
  • Hillery Saul
    This dress really is stunning. My favorite part is the quality! This comes in 2 pieces, which I think works well, so this dress can fit many shapes and forms with great comfort! The first part is a very soft stretchy tube dress. And the second is a very soft stretchy lace overlay. Since the pieces are seperate, you really wear this dress to your own fitting, rather than the dress wearing you..I love that! And again, it's so soft and stretchy compared to cheaper fabrics that can be stiff and itchy against your skin. As far as the length and fitting goes, I'm 5' 2,, 117 lbs. I ordered a small in Navy color. It wasn't too big or too snug. Its fitted so it will show your shape - for anyone concerned about it showing imperfections, wear a body shaper (this should always be expected when you wear a fitted dress!) And the length was as pictured. My only gripe and reason for giving this dress 4 stars instead of 5 is that the length of the arms are full length instead of 3/4 as pictured. Since I'm short, I have to fold the sleeves under a few inches to make them fit the length of my arms. This isnt a deal breaker because it still looks and feels beautiful, but I would have preferred the 3/4 length sleeve.
  • Joedy Geiling
    it was what I expected, form fitting but not too resticting
  • Gasparas Hendley
    So beautiful on!
  • Kinfe Klindt
    Absolutely love this dress it looks great on!
  • Latayshah Bozzo
    The dress was somewhat small considering the reviews I read about the medium being about right for my size. However, it is nothing that can't be fixed with a little exercise and tucking. I don't plan to wear the dress for a couple of weeks so I should be fine.
  • Brendie Cralle
    This dress was the perfect dress for my wedding shower. It was gorgeous, I was worried what it may look like but fit perfectly.
  • Aggy Calcote
    Ok, so I loved this dress, the fit and the color. Unfortunately, the dress I purchased had a defect, so the thread was pulling apart in areas. I think if I were to wash it then it may rip on parts of the arm. The slip fits great and holds up all night long! I am tall 5'9, and as you can see in the pictures the length is modest, which is very hard to find. Despite the defect this dress is worth the purchase!
  • Maartin Caine
    Beautiful dress. I got a lot of compliments. Note that it comes in two pieces.
  • Keyshawn Gulliver
    Traumkleid! *-*

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