Note: Since we're an international company, our shoes may run larger or smaller than the size you normally wear. We've prepared these size charts to help you match our standard sizes up with your foot's measurements.

To avoid tolerance of measurement, please measure your foot and choose the right size refer to the foot length.All of our shoes are made in China, so the size on the soles is China size.

Size Chart
US Size Euro Size China Size UK Size Japan Size Inches Foot Length(cm)
5 34 34 2.5 22 8.7 21.5-22
5.5 35 35 3 22.5 8.9 22.1-22.5
6 36 36 3.5 23 9.1 22.6-23
6.5-7 36.5 37 4 23.5 9.3 23.1-23.5
7.5-8 37.5 38 5 24 9.4 23.6-24
8.5 38.5 39 5.5 24.5 9.5 24.1-24.5
9 39.5 40 6.5 25 9.7 24.6-25
9.5 40.5 41 7 25.5 10 25.1-25.5
10 41.5 42 7.5 26 10.2 25.6-26
10.5 42.5 43 8 26.5 10.3 26.1-26.5
11 43.5 44 8.5 27 10.5 26.6-27
12 44.5 45 9 27.5 10.8 27.1-27.5
12.5 45.5 46 9.5 28 11 27.6-28

Maintenance Points for Different Shoes:

Shoes Made of Smooth Leather

  1. Clean with a soft bristle brush or a light cloth to remove any remains of old shoe polish.
  1. Apply a small amount of new shoe polish using a brush, leave it to be absorbed.
  1. Brush them gently when the top surface of the shoes is dry.

Shoes Made of Nubuck (Suede)

  1. Clean a dry shoe with a soft brush for cleaning nubuck, a piece of soft rubber for more persistent dirt.
  1. Use a protective spray twice a week to protect your shoes from rain and snow.
  1. Apply the protective spray at least once before you wear shoes for the first time, and let the treated shoes dry thoroughly after each application.

Shoes Made of Patent Leather or Patent PU

  1. Wipe off any dust with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
  1. Apply a special patent leather cleaning cream.
  1. Use a dry polishing cloth to buff your shoes to a nice patina, after the cream soaks in.
  1. Don’t use a brush to apply patent leather cream to your shoes. Brushes can damage the shiny outer layer.
  1. Don’t leave patent leather in direct contact with patterned or colored polythene bags. The fine film that patent leather is covered in, may pick up an imprint from the polythene that will result in permanent damage.

Other Tips:

  1. Protect Shoes from rain, snow, mud and stains with a regular application of protective spray or appropriate shoe polish. This will help the materials keep their resistance to moisture and maintain their elasticity.
  1. Complete the drying process at a room temperature.
  1. Don’t expose them to direct sources of high temperature (for example the stovetop or a heating element), because high heat will cause them to lose their softness and flexibility.
  1. Don’t dry shoes out in the sun, because their colors will fade. Recommended to put some paper into shoes to wick away any excessive moisture and to help the shoes keep their shape.
  1. Use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes so that the shoes can keep their shape for a long time.
  1. Don’t press down with your heel on the leather edge of the shoe because you might crush it and permanently damage it or the heel cap.



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