Naruto Shippuden Haruno Sakura Cosplay Costume Halloween

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Naruto Shippuden Haruno Sakura Cosplay Costume Halloween


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The Combo Price: 37.99

Sales Price: 37.99

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Source Naruto Cosplay Character Haruno Sakura
Components Top, Shorts, Mini Skirt, Gloves, Elbow Support Fabric Cotton
Anime&Manga Type Shounen Type Sets
Character Type Japanese Anime Group Women
Height(bare feet)(inch) Female S:62¼-63¾, Male M :66¼-67¾, Female Plus XS:61¼, Male Plus S:67, Male S:64¼-65¾, Female XS:60¼-61¾, Female XL:68¼-69¾, Male Plus XS:65, Female XXS:58¼-59¾, Female Plus XXXL:72¾, Male XS:62¼-63¾, Kid L :51¼-59¼, Male Plus XXXL:76¾, Male XXS :60¼-61¾, Kid S :43¼-51¼, Female Plus XXL:70¾, Female Plus XL:69, Male 3XL :74¼-75½, Male Plus XXL:74¾, Female 3XL :72¼-73½, Male XXL:72¼-73½, Male Plus XL:72¾, Female XXL:70¼-71¾, Female Plus L:67, Female L:66¼-67¾, Male XL:70¼-71¾, Female Plus M:65, Male Plus L:70¾, Female Plus S:63, Male Plus M:69, Female M:64¼-65¾, Male L:68¼-69¾ Bust(inch) Male M :36½-37½, Female Plus XS:32-33¼, Male Plus S:36¼-38¼, Female XS:31¼-32, Male S:35½-36¼, Female XL:35¾-36½, Male Plus XS:33¾-35¼, Male XS:34¼-35¼, Female Plus XXXL:46¼-46¾, Kid L :25½-29½, Female XXS:30-30¾, Kid S :21¾-25¼, Female Plus XXL:44½-45¾, Male XXS :33¼-33¾, Male Plus XXXL:50½-53¼, Male Plus XXL:48¼-50, Female 3XL :38¼-39, Female Plus XL:42¼-44¼, Male 3XL :41¼-42¼, Female XXL:37¼-37¾, Male XXL:40¼-41, Female Plus L:38¼-40½, Male Plus XL:45-47¾, Female L:34¾-35½, Male XL:39-39¾, Female Plus M:35¾-37¼, Male Plus L:42¼-44½, Female M:33½-34¼, Male Plus M:39-39¾, Male L:37¾-38½, Female Plus S:33¾-35¼, Female S:32¼-33¼
Waist(inch) Female S:24¾-25½, Male M :32-32¾, Female Plus XS:23¼-25¼, Female XS:23½-24½, Male Plus XS:28-29¼, Female XL:28¼-29¼, Male S:30¾-31½, Kid L :22½-27½, Male XS:29½-30¼, Female Plus XXXL:39-44¼, Female XXS:22½-23¼, Female Plus XXL:37¼-38½, Male Plus XXXL:44¼-46¼, Kid S :19¾-22¼, Male XXS :28¼-29¼, Female Plus XL:34¾-36½, Male 3XL :36½-37½, Female 3XL :30¾-31½, Male Plus XXL:41-43, Female Plus L:31½-33¼, Male Plus XL:38¼-39, Female XXL:29½-30¼, Male XXL:35½-36¼, Male Plus L:35¼-37¼, Female Plus M:28-29¼, Female L:27¼-28, Male XL:34¼-35¼, Female Plus S:26-27¼, Female M:26-26¾, Male L:33¼-33¾, Male Plus M:32-33¾, Male Plus S:30-31¼ Hip(inch) Male Plus S:37¼-39, Female S:35½-36¼, Female XL:39-39¾, Male Plus XS:34¾-37¼, Female XS:34¼-35¼, Male S:35¾-36½, Female XXS:33¼-33¾, Kid L :28¾-32¾, Male XS:34¾-35½, Female Plus XXXL:48¾-52, Male XXS :33½-34¼, Kid S :23½-28¼, Female Plus XXL:46¾-48½, Male Plus XXXL:50½-54, Male 3XL :41¾-42½, Male Plus XXL:48¾-50¾, Female 3XL :41¼-42¼, Female Plus XL:44¼-46½, Female Plus L:41-43, Male Plus XL:45¾-47¾, Female XXL:40¼-41, Male XXL:40½-41¼, Male XL:39¼-40¼, Male Plus L:43-48¾, Female L:37¾-38½, Female Plus M:38¼-39, Male L:38¼-39, Male Plus M:39¾-41¾, Female M:36½-37½, Female Plus S:35¾-37¼, Male M :37¼-37¾, Female Plus XS:33¾-35¼
Weight 0.63kg

In the Naruto, the hero who named Naruto loves a girl Haruno Sakura. The girl is a ninja, and is much too brave and clever. She is good at medical treatment and always thinks others first. You will like the girl, then you will want to own her cloth to act as her. So, the set of costume includes jacket, trousers, skirt, wrist band and gloves. And the most important is made of high elasticity cotton. It’s cool when you wear it! You must be as kind and brave as Haruno Sakura!

Customer Reviews

  • ByFoxyLiddel

    The Package came quick. The coulours and the materal are great. It fits me very well (I bought an S). It´s confortable. The aplication on the back has also great quality. Thank you very much for the Produt and the great Service. Best Wishes, FoxyLiddel Cosplay Photocredit: Paw Photography

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  • ByNickHH92

    Costume davvero stupendo, anche meglio di quello che mi potessi aspettare!! Grazieeee milanoooooo!!!! :))


    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(1) or No(0)

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  • Bysumas

    Das Kleid hat mich von der Qualität her sehr überzeugt. Es ist schön anzusehen, wirkt wertig und hat bereits mehrere Abende gut überstanden.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(0) or No(0)

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  • ByTaya |Hill

    A bit smaller than expected but other than that I'm actually happy with the costume! It looks great, good quality.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(0) or No(0)

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  • ByLayN86

    The outfit is very nice. But the armband on the elbow is a little too tight for my sister's arm above all it's really good.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(11) or No(1)

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  • BySakura

    it is awsome! Though it would be nice to have her black high shoes with it.

    Dear Sakura,
    Thank you for your support. Your satisfaction encourages us to do better. Please share our site and our good service with your friends. And we'll look forward to your good suggestion.Your kind help is deeply appreciated.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(16) or No(3)

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  • ByBriana

    Wow, this costume is amazing! I was worried that it would be \"okay\" or \"average\" but it really isn\'t! I love the material - SO comfortable! I gave my measurements (never measured myself before, so I was worried) but it fits PERFECTLY!! I also got the shoes and wig from this site. It\'s all so perfect. Thank you so much! This has become a definite favorite website of mine. Ordering again soon! :)

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(10) or No(0)

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  • ByNome

    ma i costumi per cosplay sono elasticizzati o in microfibra?


    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(12) or No(0)

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  • Bytensainobaka

    Just received this in the mail for my daughter and she would not take it off! Love it! The only thing is that I wish that the gloves were for a cild size seeing as how I ordered for a child, but they were an adult size. Also wish they offered this in child medium size. I had to get the small and it just fits The material is soft and comfortable, the vest and skirt are nicely lined and feel good on the body. The shorts are soft and comfy and could be used as a regular pair of shorts if you want. I\'ve seen this costume for a lot more money, they say you get what you pay for but that is not the case here. You get so much more. Great material and quality craftsmanship, reasonable shipping time. Will definitely be ordering from here again.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(24) or No(1)

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  • BySakura haruno

    This was great! i love it so much!

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(11) or No(2)

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Product Q&A

Will you be using my exact measurements ???

Hello !!!! I am going to cosplay as sakura haruno for an anime fair this august and will be ordering this, but are you going to be using my exact measurements ? or are you going to add the breathing space ? I don't want it to be skin tight lol (^^)

22/4/2013 By GraetzLeilani

Yes ,we can make the  costume based on your measurements .Please don't worry the breathing space and click the tailor made ,We will consider it for you .Thanks for visiting us .

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(0) or No(0)

product information

Hey Milanoo, I was wondering if there was a possiblity that I could just order the skirt? I know it's far fetched but the one I have now is just not working out anymore. Thanks for your time!

24/9/2012 By Selean

Thanks a lot for your support but I'm so sorry for that the item is sold as a set ,a single skirt is not available as your demand .

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(0) or No(0)

How much is shipping costs to Finland?

How much is shipping costs to Finland?

27/11/2011 By -

Please follow the below steps  to find how much the shipping fee you will pay for.    1.add all your favorite  items to  " Add to my bag."  2. click the" Estimated Shipping Time and Cost"   3.choose the destination country  in" Recipient Country /Region”bar 

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