Inspired By Assassin's Creed Ezio Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween

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Inspired By Assassin's Creed Ezio Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween


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Source Assassins Creed Cosplay Character Ezio AutitoredaFirenze
Components Shirt, Sash, Overcoat, Cloak, Hat, Gloves, Fanny Pack, Belt, Arm Cover, Accessory, Pants Fabric Polyurethane / PU, Polyester Cotton, Pellet Fleece Velvet, Lining, Cotton linen
Character Type Japanese Anime Weight 3.51kg

Refined embroidery shade with PVC belt and cuff. Many layers and each is different from another. The fabric is comfortable and it restores the perfect figure.

Customer Reviews

  • ByDeviance

    Absolutely outstanding costume! Each piece is finely detailed, well made and looks really great. I bought a hidden blade from eBay to finish off the look, can't wait to show it off for halloween!

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  • ByNoah

    FANTASTIC! Milanoo when I gist was on this site I thought it might me iffy or knock off but I just received my costume and it's the best money I ever spent. So amazing word can't describe. Thank you so much for creating this and will look forward to shopping with you again. Plus I will refer anyone who likes the outfit to check out and buy something from you all. Again it's just absolutely the most detailed and vivid and softest costume ever. Thanks milanoo you did great!!

    11 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByNordicLovers05170606

    Overall great outfit, the fit is perfect and looks amazing!!

    6 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByLady Yuma

    Saturday, November 16, 2013 Hi Ho, Fair Ladies and Fine Gentleman; I am the Lady Yuma, of the land Arizonia, my purpose with you is simple yet so important that I beg you heed this tale I share with you this day? I ask your time not lightly, for I know as one who shops the warehouses of many Arizonian’s, as well as taking to the evils of the dark Internet, seeking out under cover the finest prices in online warehouses abroad, for the most handsome frocks available for all those I love, beginning at the Holidays on through the vast expanse of shops in the great beyond. I know that you too are seeking out in like mind for your family. I now share with you the tale of my experience in my search for the perfect "Assassins Creed Ezio Game Costume", so you too may feel at ease when the time comes for you to make your trek and journey through the shop keepers Internet highway unto your final destination, the purchase of the perfect frock, the most breath taking of all Cotton & Leather Assassins Creed Ezio Game Costumes, (Oh the very thought of it gives me the "Vapors")! My story began when I found a wonderful price at a shop known to be “Milanoo" I had gathered enough coin to purchase an costume, or as I shall refer to it as a “Frock". I was able to buy the Assassins Creed Esio Game Costume at an extremely fair price one I would have never found had I not quickly run into my domicile after I carelessly stepped on Father Brutishness broken toe, where just before as we spoke he groped my bottom which is why I stepped on said toe, that he had hidden from his loud whaling curses after I stabbed his large gut when he grabbed my bosoms to supposedly stop himself from falling fat face first into them! Anyway that is neither here nor there, forgive me for I sometimes loose track. But that is another story not for this day, my wish is only for your secure buying pleasure! That also ye be sure that the golden coin you place upon the shop keepers table be used for a buy made with full confidence of perfection in every part of your loved ones new frock, from hood to gird to chap, down to the look, the feel, the cotton, the Fabric of our live’s”, Hmm, Dost that not sound like a sellers tale once I heard? Forgive kind shopper, I often lose my senses as I shop do to the excitement of it all, but I’m much better now shall we? The fabric of this beautiful costume is NOT that of Vinyl or cheapened “Leather Look” wear, it bares no weakness in thread, and is bound by the finest breathable cotton known to Italy, yet made in China. ( As a side note, NO fine sir want’s his undies in a bunch while as a ghost he scales the walls of Italy, “incognito”, in cheap cotton garments )! Which brings the the Assassin great assured peace when riding upon one’s mighty steed upon his long return home, he will never find a booty soar upon his tuffet regions whence he reaches his humble abode! I am told One feels that they are not wearing only a costume but that they are wearing a full quality frock that felt as if it were made for the stage today. There is no “fable" connected to this frock made of full cotton, for breathability should an assassin be caught up in a sweaty night of drunken folly or a sword fight with a dark Pirate or evil twin brother he knows not may exists! A dark assassin never knows who they shall meet once adorned with this fine wear so the leathers are at their girds properly affixed not sloppily sown, buttons are tight and would be difficult to break, nothing of this frock is crafted as a 2 bit child’s toy. This is a quality frock at best and not made for folly one need respect the artistry which has been put into the assassins creed frock and may I add to wear it once in a lifetime, would be a crime! The threading, the strength, the beauty, the whole of the outfit is comfortable; very true to size. No matter if thy kind sire were riding upon your strongest steed, or ravishing your heaviest of women, in this Assassins Creed Stealth Wear, you will know that you are Ezio for the frock is so realistic you will find yourself not just “In a costume”, you will find yourself to become Ezio and in the end isn't that all any Assasin Wants? In Closing; In my normal United States “Bad” english let me wrap my review up by just saying this, my man was so happy I purchased him this proper frock, we debauched quite often after he tried it on, he said it felt like the “real deal” and it looked like it too! They copied that out fit more than I can explain, you will NOT be unhappy with your purchase, there is no amount of money this store could have charged where I would not have bought such a authentic costume for our Theatrical needs however thats the best part, this costume was not an arm and a leg to buy, the price was MORE than fair, I’ll be back for sure! ONE LAST SIDE NOTE LADIES; Oh yes, I did get some fringe benefits from buying the costume too, I was rewarded with many date nights, after years of great matrimonial boredom. Now speaking plainly “date night’s in themselves were enough to say that this particular costume with all its well made perfection was enough to have me sold! But just one more little gift I had no idea I would benefit from clinched the deal, yep ladies a new bed.....the other one “broke” That costume was just too dang authentic! :) *what can I say, it’s an awesome costume! Thank you for reading my review and for allowing me to share in a fun and informative way my very positive experience with a product from , I've enjoyed my time with you. Lady Raynee “Arizonia"

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  • ByMr. Perfect

    Wow ... wait ... wow. A real eye-catcher. Starting with the communication with Milano everything went smoothly. Questions were answered very quickly. This costume exceeds all expectations. I ordered it just over 1 1/2 weeks ago and it is already here, although I expected a delivery time of at least 3 weeks. When I opened the package today the joy was great. Thank you Milanoo: * The costume fits like a glove (M). I'm even a narrow throw (normal stop). However, I have to say that if you want to put on even thicker clothes then maybe it would be wise to play with the idea to order it in (L). The costume includes: -white polyester shirt (for underneath) -2-piece "tunic skirt" with hood -Belt with large AC logo (logo is made of hard plastic) and looks stable -closure -back belt with 3 small pouches -a glove -a bracer ( again with a hard plastic logo on it) -2 cuffs with zipper You see, there is quite a lot here. It also takes about half an hour to get it dressed like you do (but works well with pictures). The materials are good to very well made (sometimes a few threads hung over, but you could easily cut off). The costume is really awesome and gets a very clear buy recommendation from me. Any time!!!

    Dear Mr. Perfect,
    vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Milanoo

    Show original

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  • ByBrandweinZach

    It finally arrived today and it looks wayyyy better and fits nicer than the pictures. Only exception is the wrist gauntlet thingy, I really struggled to get into my size L, but once I did the costume was complete and I went and slaughtered multiple Templar unmercifully. I highly recommend this for all savage acts of assassination, changing the course of history or, if its your thing, just walking around once a year in it. ;)

    12 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByKate

    It's very nice, but you might want to change the name, that's not Altair, it's Ezio.

    22 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByMatty

    I've literally killed five people in the past 2 hours. Honestly I'd have to say this costume transforms you into a mean machine. The only thing I have against this costume is that the resistance to jumping into a hay stack from 100 feet sucks. Thanks

    18 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByLittleAssassin

    I feel like a real Assassin with this costume on. But the only thing that is missing is the blade. ;)

    18 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByLuca

    Spedizione velocissima (arrivato prima del previsto). Qualità ottima sia dei materiali che delle decorazioni. Il miglior costume che si possa trovare al prezzo più conveniente mai visto! ECCELLENTE!

    14 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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Product Q&A

How much is shipping to Anchorage, Alaska 99515? Thank you~

Just wondering for later purchase.

02/10/2014 By Dylana

It's charged according to the weight and distance. You may check the shipping fee and time by adding it into your shopping cart and click the button est. shipping time and cost, then you may choose the shipping method and see the price there

5 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

how long does it usually take to ship this? i live in america so..?

i bought it and was wondering how long it takes to ship?

09/18/2013 By kaliszczakdorota

The whole time we need for an order is the processing time plus shipping time. The processing time takes 10-15 business days, you may find the time under the shown picture, expedited shipping takes 3-5 days and standard shipping takes 6-7 days.

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Hi, Could you sale the Cotton Leather Assassin's Creed Ezio Game Cosplay Costume Item Code:#11290149640 For $150 include shipping Please let me know ASAP this way I will tomorrow or shop around for that price. Thanks

09/24/2014 By A

You may play games in our gaming center so as to win the coupon for discount and free shipping

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