Carnival Food Banana Costume Yellow Cape With Hat Carnival

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Theme Funny costume Fabric Polyester
Material polyester fiber Gender Unisex
Group Adults Occasion Halloween
Components Hat, Cape Type Sets
Weight 0.1kg

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  • Kerbie Melville
    It's a banana costume, what more is there to say? It fit very well, the top part where the head goes didn't have major issues with collapsing and stood upright for most of the night. I was worried it might end too short and look rather silly, but it actually did cover a decent length of the body. See the picture for reference - this was Halloween 2015.Overall it was a great product for a decent cost. It did require a little bit of steaming when I first tried it on since it was packed rather tightly and I didn't want to show major wrinkles in the costume.
  • Upwood Feagle
    I used the small packing bags of air to stuff the top and bottom of the banana. A lot lighter and easier than newspaper. I'm a big guy and this worked well, as others have said a little tight but not bad at all.
  • Alysonah Compo
    Its a banana costume. I wore this for a night and it was perfectly comfortable. We had one gorilla and many bananas. It made for a very fun and memorable party.
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  • Deetra Arkin
    It's a banana suit.No padding, simple design. Very cheap costume style, but that's what you paid for.Perfect for parties, bar mitzvah, birthdays, sunday church, concerts, weddings, long walks on the beach, spelling bees, new year party, graduations, blind dates, sporting events, and many more.Not good for movies, swimming, going to see gorillas at the zoo, job interviews, funerals, hospitals, and any awkward moment.
  • Dymeetra Melville
    Hilarious costume. Got a lot of laughs especially when I dance with it on. Its one size fits all so expect it to be roomy and big, especially around the face hole. I'm 6ft.tall- 215 pounds and its was sorta large on me. I stuffed both ends of the suit with bubble wrap to give it some shape without adding weight. I wore black running spandex tights and tight long sleeve black shirt to give more of a costume appearance. Depending on the temperature, more layers of clothes will help fill in the costume and give it more shape and bulk. Its 100% Polyester so stains do not clean well so stay clear of makeup and any open flames/cigarettes as you will go up in flames!
  • Doryte Hosford
    I mean, it's a banana costume. Not sure what more you could ask for.We bought it for my wife to wear for Halloween, and she is quite short, 5'3, or so, therefore it wound up being quite long. It wasn't so long that it dragged on the ground though.As others have noted, the stem is going to fall over unless you stuff something in it to keep it from folding. We used some scrap cloth and it worked fine - if the top were better engineered I would give it 5 stars, but instead it gets a 4.
  • Kaveh Brosnan
    My only issue is that there's no support for the top and bottom points of the banana. I tried the suggestion of stuffing newspaper into the points, but it would just fall out after a while. I'm sure I could've come up with something to fix this, but I really didn't care all that much.Anyways, I only bought this for the OSU Mirror Lake jump (jumping in a lake in near-freezing temperatures), and it worked fine in that regard. Though let me tell you, when you've only got boxers on underneath, it makes for a pretty chilly walk back, especially when you're soaking wet. It got me a few laughs though, and that's all I wanted, so I'm satisfied.

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