Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Costume Halloween

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Source Black Butler Cosplay Character Ciel Phantomhive
Components Vest, Top, Shirt, Hat, Cravat, Pants Anime&Manga Type Amorous
Type Sets Character Type Japanese Anime
Height(bare feet)(inch) Female XXS:58¼-59¾, Kid L :51¼-59¼, Male XXS :60¼-61¾, Kid S :43¼-51¼, Female 3XL :72¼-73½, Male 3XL :74¼-75½, Female XXL:70¼-71¾, Male XXL:72¼-73½, Female L:66¼-67¾, Male XL:70¼-71¾, Female M:64¼-65¾, Male L:68¼-69¾, Male M :66¼-67¾, Female S:62¼-63¾, Male S:64¼-65¾, Female XS:60¼-61¾, Female XL:68¼-69¾, Male XS:62¼-63¾ Bust(inch) Male XXS :33¼-33¾, Kid S :21¾-25¼, Male 3XL :41¼-42¼, Female 3XL :38¼-39, Female XXL:37¼-37¾, Male XXL:40¼-41, Female L:34¾-35½, Male XL:39-39¾, Male L:37¾-38½, Female M:33½-34¼, Male M :36½-37½, Female S:32¼-33¼, Female XS:31¼-32, Female XL:35¾-36½, Male S:35½-36¼, Kid L :25½-29½, Male XS:34¼-35¼, Female XXS:30-30¾
Waist(inch) Kid S :19¾-22¼, Male XXS :28¼-29¼, Female 3XL :30¾-31½, Male 3XL :36½-37½, Female XXL:29½-30¼, Male XXL:35½-36¼, Female L:27¼-28, Male XL:34¼-35¼, Male L:33¼-33¾, Female M:26-26¾, Female S:24¾-25½, Male M :32-32¾, Male S:30¾-31½, Female XL:28¼-29¼, Female XS:23½-24½, Kid L :22½-27½, Female XXS:22½-23¼, Male XS:29½-30¼ Hip(inch) Male XS:34¾-35½, Male XXS :33½-34¼, Kid S :23½-28¼, Female 3XL :41¼-42¼, Male 3XL :41¾-42½, Male XXL:40½-41¼, Female XXL:40¼-41, Male XL:39¼-40¼, Female L:37¾-38½, Female M:36½-37½, Male L:38¼-39, Female S:35½-36¼, Male M :37¼-37¾, Female XL:39-39¾, Male S:35¾-36½, Female XS:34¼-35¼, Female XXS:33¼-33¾, Kid L :28¾-32¾
Weight 1.10kg

Ciel-Phantomhive, a character of Japanese anime Kuroshitsuji, is the head of the English Phantomhive noble family after the deaths of his parents. His right eye, which is usually covered with a black eye patch, bears a pentacle, the sign of the Faustian contract he made with the demon Sebastian. This is Ciel cosplay costume for women. It features an elegant kadanron and comes with jacket, vest, trousers, a hat, shirt and a bowknot cravat!

Customer Reviews

  • Bydatsuryouku

    Got the costume earlier today and the quality is great (beyond my expectation and almost exactly like the picture. I didn\'t come across any kind of unexpected surprise or disappointment). And, not only that, it did come with the hat. The hat is not like the one in the picture you see above, though. It\'s bigger and fits the head rather than as a hat accessory. Overall, I am definitely pleased and will continue shopping from Milanoo again.

    6 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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    When I get this costume ,I was suprised by its delicate decoration and good quality . I\'m more confident for my party.I woule like to say,I\'m coming,the cosplay show party

    3 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByNancy

    When I got the costume I was amazed at how detailed it was and how wonderfully it fit me. yarr, I a m so happy!I hope every Kuroshitsuji fan shouldn\'t miss this superb cool costume!

    2 people found this helpful Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByAnna

    does it come with any shoes or do you have to buy them separately?

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByJo

    Make you the same as Ciel in this Kuroshitsuji cosplay costume for cosplay show.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByKira_Kiryu

    If it does not come with the hat why is it listed that it does come with the hat? You are confusing people with that.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByAlex

    Does or does it not come with the hat? I\'ve seen one who says they have recived the hat and another that says it does not come with the hat so which is it? If I could get a hat that\'d be great.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByName

    Please tell me it comes with a hat that\'d be very helpful because this hat is really hard to find

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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  • ByValentine

    I purchased this costume for my sister after she had graduated and she was so happy. The costume looks gorgeous and amazing. I was so much impressed with the design of the costume it looks fantastic. The quality of material the costume has been made from is high quality and strong resistant. She did not stop thanking me and she keeps on wearing the dress t daily. I am also going to order mine within the next two weeks i really like it.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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Product Q&A


What is included in the purchase, because I've seen that the hat is listed as included, but in the review some have said that it isn't included, so I am wondering if everything listed is everything that I will recieve.

12/10/2011 By Kate

Thanks for your visiting, the hat is included in the item.  Components:  Top , Shirt , Hat , Cravat , Vest , Pants

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No


where do you get the hat?

04/21/2011 By Alice

Components:  Top , Shirt , Hat , Cravat , Vest , Pants

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No


does it come with the hat?

03/07/2011 By SillyLawlipop

It does not come with the hat.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

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