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Why was my order canceled?


Your order may be canceled by Milanoo for the following reasons:


Sometimes we need confirmation of the color, measurements and size of the chosen items. We will email the customer asking for the confirmation, however if we do not receive the new information within 4 business days we will cancel the order.


If the shipping address is wrong. If we see there is not a clear and defined shipping address we will try to contact the customer for 4 business days asking for a new address. If we do not receive one in this time we will cancel the order.


If the contact telephone number is wrong. If we can not get in touch with the customer to confirm certain details by email or telephone, after 4 business days we will cancel the order.


If the item you have selected is out of stock. Items can sometimes become out of stock after the order has been placed and means that we cannot fulfill the order. We will contact the customer giving them the option of swapping the out of stock item for a new one. If after 4 business days we do not receive a reply we will cancel the original order.


Customers place a duplicate order. This means that 2 orders for the same items, same quantity and same size are paid for. We realize this is a mistake so we will cancel one of the orders.


If the customer needs the order before a certain time but we can not fulfill this request we will cancel the order.


If the product fails to pass our quality control tests we can not send the item to you so we will call the customer to see if we can replace the item with another. If after 4 business days we do not receive a response we will cancel the order.


If a customer’s order is canceled for one of the above stated reasons we will ALWAYS offer a full refund.

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