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Ocasión Fiesta del té Adorno Volante fruncido
Longitud Mangas Manga larga Tipo de tela Algodón
Temporada Otoño Components Blusa
Estilo Clásico y tradicional Peso 0.76kg


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  • Misachu
    The item arrived surprisingly fast, which I was happy about. When I opened up it up it was rather creased but thats to be expected! The dress was just like described but there is one major point which led me too rate it a rather low mark. The material and sewing work is both of a poor standard, it already has a number of tears in it and I've only had it a day! The rips are all in areas that need to be sewn to a high standard, the waist, under the arms and even the strap to tie a bow in the back is coming off! I've had to resew quite a few areas and put some extra stitches in other ones for fear of them tearing as well. I was also highly disappointed to find the bow on the collar and wrists wear all just half arsedly safety pinned on. So that was even MORE sewing! But all that aside it is a rather good dress.
  • A****m
    Default praise
  • Rebecca
    So...Despite all the bad reviews of this website on lolita communities, I took a chance with Milanoo. The dress is a little big(though this might be due to my diet) The previous reviews talk about how the sleeves are a little loose and funny. You DO have to push them up to make them look right, but other than that, I love this dress. It wasn\'t late, and despite some very minor easy to fix things(like how it\'s a little loose, and the funny sleeves) it\'s a really great dress for a really great price. Think about it, you can pay at least 100 dollars for a brand name lolita dress(often from a website that isn\'t even in english, and I\'m personally too lazy to figure out how to navigate those) or you can save yourself 20-60$(Sometimes even more, lolita dresses locally can reach up to 200) OR get an affordable dress that takes ten seconds to fix minor flaws in. I saved money on a dress like this, and for the price, it\'s just right.
  • ms.debbie.marquez
    Although the dress looks cute and one piece, I found that the sleeves are actually an elastic band that you slide right on up your arm. It\'s great because it makes the dress wearable during winter or summer. Only problem I had is that the dress is probably 2 sizes too small. I had ordered it custom made along with another dress and two piece outfit. Needless to say, that dress as well was too small but the seperate piece outfit fit perfect.

    Querido/a ms.debbie.marquez,
    Thanks for your support.

  • gu5
    I just got the dress and now I know what the people were saying here. The dress I got was different color,I orderd black but deep blue came and the ribbon was attached upside down.It\'s easy fix so I don\'t worry about the ribbon but even this many people say same thing like they got different color and the sleeve thing,they don\'t fix the problem.. They should. And they don\'t even know what they are selling. The zipper is on the side. one reply said you can put it on from neck part easily,but It was very hard to do. so I looked and found the zipper.I want to see that they care about what they are selling more.
  • welkin
    Wait, I\'m very confused. Is this dress black or brown? In the 2/19 reply you say \"Dear Ariel, The dress is brown.Just the bow tie is black.\" If this is so, why don\'t you update the description?

    Querido/a welkin,
    It's black and white.

  • Vanessa Frings
    alles bestens, vielen dank
  • Maeruton
    Así que este vestido es realmente bonito y cómodo de llevar. Por contra, un pequeño detalle, cuando recibí los 3 nudos (el del cuello y los de la manga) no estaban cosidos y simplemente atados al vestido con la ayuda de alfileres de seguridad. De lo contrario, el vestido es muy negro :)
  • Shaun
    This is such a sexy dress
  • Tanja.Schramm1
    Ware top, gute passform, nicht sackartig. vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung !! Kaufe gerne wieder

    Querido/a Tanja.Schramm1,
    Guten tag vielen dank für ihre Lob,wir werden immer besser machen,vielen dank   die kundenservice von milanoo

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