Precio: 37,95
Ocasión: Ocasión informal
Longitud Mangas: Sin mangas
Tipo de tela: Algodón
Temporada: Otoño
Components: Falda
Estilo: Clásico y tradicional
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  • Prune
    Finalmente recibí n_n, es hermoso, solo un inconveniente, un largo retraso, ¡pero valió la pena la espera! Además, parece que soy apenas más grande (pero no mucho, está bien).
  • F****
    Dieser Kunde lobt standardmäßig
  • Anna
    I got the skirt for several days.The color is much beautiful than the picture shows.Besides,i feel comfortable when i wear it.Thus,the quality must be perfect.Therefore,i recommend it.
  • tonje.engen
    It's awesome! It's long (goes down to my ankles) and so flattering!
  • Millie
    This black dress is so stylish, classic and unique. My mother bought for me the dress and i never stopped saying thank you to her. The design of the dress is just amazing it fulfill all my requirements. The material of the dress is strong resistant and dries faster after i wash it. I usually wear it on different types of occasions like birthday parties and wedding. My mum told me about milanoo and I have been spending a lot of time looking at their products they are fantastic. I am also going to order for sandals next month. Keep up the good work milanoo.
  • Людмила  
    А какая длина юбки?
  • m.daurova
    А вы высылаете вещи и обувь от Лолиты по почте?

    Querido/a m.daurova,
    Мы обычно отправим товары в Россию через ЕМС.

  • Emma
    I am thinking of buying this for my friends birthday but how long is this skirt? Does it go to the floor or up to the knees?

    Querido/a Emma,
    it is up to the knee ^ ^ with a middle length.

  • black_and.white
    j'ai bien recus la jupe :) Elle est superbe, la qualité genial! et ca taille un peu plus grand effectivement ^^
  • seventeeny3ars
    It looks different than the pic, but I love to wear it as a tube-dress!!!! :)
    can the skirt be changed to fall to the knee instead?

    Querido/a ALLEGRA,
    Please special note your requirement in the column called "Item Remarks" which can be seen by click the size dropdown menu and select the option called "Custom Made".

  • Fello
    Black clothes are not my favorite thing to wear but this skirt I had to buy because it looks so retro and on any other color, it wouldn’t look that good. I’m glad my best friend told me about your site. I spent a day watching all of your products and I still didn’t finish them all. You have quite a catalogue! This was my first order, to see if you guys were serious. I trust you now and many orders will come!
  • LOVE-muzza
    >А какая длина юбки? Традиционно юбки лолит выше колена на 2,5 сантиметра. Думаю, эта примерно такая же.

    Querido/a LOVE-muzza,
    Длина юбки зависит от размера, Вы можете сделать ее по своим расзмерам, просто поставьте галочку в поле (Сделать по размерам клиента)

  • Miryam
    salve ,desideravo sapere se questa gonna è disponibile anche in blu scuro
  • alice20.m
    Je viens de la recevoir. C'est juste dommage que ça taille aussi grand (elle m'arrive aux hanches plutôt que à la taille). A prendre une ou 2 tailles en dessous.

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