Precio: 68,00
Ocasión: Fiesta del té
Adorno: Lazo
Longitud Mangas: 1/2 manga
Tipo de tela: Algodón
Temporada: Otoño
Components: Blusa
Estilo: Dulce
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  • 中****村
  • SOLOMOka
    I think i look even better than the model in the picture. LOL. Thank you for your good customer service, they are so nice. And the dress comes on time, good quality.
  • zarine
    I just love the feeling that i get when i receive a new costume in the mail that has the milanoo name on it. It is the best feeling i think because there is such an excitement at finding something you had ordered weeks ago and finally having it. It’s like a present you had been waiting for all this while. I love to order dresses from milanoo because in my office i am always restricted to wearing formal clothes and suits and stuff but it is only in informal settings that i can wear dresses and feel like a girl. Milanoo is the best place for this. I especially love the frills and A-line waist of this dress. very cute indeed.
  • JoyRussell
    This lolita was a stunning buy at this price. Lovely fitting and texture,but the shoulders looked a bit wide on me. I did have some problems with the loops when you hook the ribbon through because on one of the loops the stitching came loose, but I did get it fixed. Despite the problems the dress is a perfect fit and go well with my shoes. Thank you for delivering before Christmas Milanoo!
  • КулишЕвгений
    Мне, к сожалению, не пошло, пришлось подарить сестрёнке (это она на фото)

    Querido/a КулишЕвгений,
    Не за что, мы с нетерпением ожидаем, чтобы обслужить вас снова в ближайшем будущем.

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