Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume


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Source Soul Eater Cosplay Character Maka Albarn
Components Vest, Tie, Shirt, Overskirt, Overcoat, Gloves Fabric Cotton, Lining, T/R Plaid, Uniform Cloth
Anime&Manga Type Fantasy Character Type Japanese Anime
Height(bare feet)(inch) Female Plus S:63, Male Plus M:69, Male L:68¼-69¾, Female M:64¼-65¾, Female Plus XS:61¼, Female S:62¼-63¾, Male M :66¼-67¾, Male Plus S:67, Male S:64¼-65¾, Female XS:60¼-61¾, Female XL:68¼-69¾, Male Plus XS:65, Female XXS:58¼-59¾, Female Plus XXXL:72¾, Male XS:62¼-63¾, Kid L :51¼-59¼, Male Plus XXXL:76¾, Male XXS :60¼-61¾, Kid S :43¼-51¼, Female Plus XXL:70¾, Female Plus XL:69, Male 3XL :74¼-75½, Male Plus XXL:74¾, Female 3XL :72¼-73½, Male XXL:72¼-73½, Male Plus XL:72¾, Female XXL:70¼-71¾, Female Plus L:67, Female L:66¼-67¾, Male XL:70¼-71¾, Female Plus M:65, Male Plus L:70¾ Bust(inch) Male L:37¾-38½, Female Plus S:33¾-35¼, Female S:32¼-33¼, Female Plus XS:32-33¼, Male M :36½-37½, Male Plus S:36¼-38¼, Female XS:31¼-32, Male S:35½-36¼, Female XL:35¾-36½, Male Plus XS:33¾-35¼, Male XS:34¼-35¼, Female Plus XXXL:46¼-46¾, Kid L :25½-29½, Female XXS:30-30¾, Kid S :21¾-25¼, Female Plus XXL:44½-45¾, Male XXS :33¼-33¾, Male Plus XXXL:50½-53¼, Female 3XL :38¼-39, Male Plus XXL:48¼-50, Female Plus XL:42¼-44¼, Male 3XL :41¼-42¼, Female XXL:37¼-37¾, Male XXL:40¼-41, Female Plus L:38¼-40½, Male Plus XL:45-47¾, Female L:34¾-35½, Male XL:39-39¾, Female Plus M:35¾-37¼, Male Plus L:42¼-44½, Female M:33½-34¼, Male Plus M:39-39¾
Waist(inch) Male L:33¼-33¾, Female M:26-26¾, Male Plus M:32-33¾, Male Plus S:30-31¼, Female Plus XS:23¼-25¼, Female S:24¾-25½, Male M :32-32¾, Male Plus XS:28-29¼, Female XS:23½-24½, Female XL:28¼-29¼, Male S:30¾-31½, Kid L :22½-27½, Male XS:29½-30¼, Female Plus XXXL:39-44¼, Female XXS:22½-23¼, Female Plus XXL:37¼-38½, Male Plus XXXL:44¼-46¼, Male XXS :28¼-29¼, Kid S :19¾-22¼, Female Plus XL:34¾-36½, Male 3XL :36½-37½, Female 3XL :30¾-31½, Male Plus XXL:41-43, Female XXL:29½-30¼, Female Plus L:31½-33¼, Male Plus XL:38¼-39, Male XXL:35½-36¼, Female Plus M:28-29¼, Male Plus L:35¼-37¼, Female L:27¼-28, Male XL:34¼-35¼, Female Plus S:26-27¼ Hip(inch) Male Plus M:39¾-41¾, Female Plus S:35¾-37¼, Female M:36½-37½, Female Plus XS:33¾-35¼, Male M :37¼-37¾, Male Plus S:37¼-39, Female S:35½-36¼, Male Plus XS:34¾-37¼, Female XL:39-39¾, Female XS:34¼-35¼, Male S:35¾-36½, Female XXS:33¼-33¾, Kid L :28¾-32¾, Male XS:34¾-35½, Female Plus XXXL:48¾-52, Male XXS :33½-34¼, Kid S :23½-28¼, Female Plus XXL:46¾-48½, Male Plus XXXL:50½-54, Female 3XL :41¼-42¼, Male 3XL :41¾-42½, Male Plus XXL:48¾-50¾, Female Plus XL:44¼-46½, Female Plus L:41-43, Male Plus XL:45¾-47¾, Female XXL:40¼-41, Male XXL:40½-41¼, Male XL:39¼-40¼, Male Plus L:43-48¾, Female L:37¾-38½, Female Plus M:38¼-39, Male L:38¼-39
Weight 1.11kg

This great Maka Albarn costume is sure to be popular with all Soul Eater fans. The elegant jacket features two large silver buttons, wide white cuffs and long trench coat-inspired tails. Underneath the jacket, a crisp white shirt, yellow sweater vest and classy tie coordinate perfectly to bring Maka to life. The red micro-mini plaid skirt completes this ensemble, which is already a favorite among's anime fan base.

Product Details:

-Includes the jacket, shirt, tie, sweater vest and skirt
-Crafted from cotton and cotton blend fabrics
-Limited kids sizes available
-Can be custom tailored for an additional fee

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume
$ 80.99
5 5 32
Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume
Isn\'t there a button on white piece of the sleeve on the jacket?

Customer Reviews

  • ByCamila Madsen

    Isn\'t there a button on white piece of the sleeve on the jacket?

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(16) or No(5)

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  • ByYumi Goto

    I sugust you sell it as just the jacket, because Im not about to buy it all when all I need is the jacket~ Im not the only one that thinks so, And If you did you would sell more~

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(17) or No(6)

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  • Bycierra

    I'm 12 years old and this year i want to be maka.My mom said I might not be able to :( so that makes me sad.On the day I was sappose to go to the state fair I got a really bad nose bleed and I was rushed to the emergancy room.I was coughing up blood and everything.Lter on that day I found out i had a blood disorder.It bummed me out i couldnt go to the fair at all and i wanted to so bad :( and now all kinds of bad things have been happening to me I Keep on haveing to get my blood taken and studied.I've also been geeting sick lately.And this year i want to be maka for halloween.But my mom says we might not to be able to afford it.I'll be really sad if i cant get it :( I hope I will though.If not i will be really sad. If any one has any comments for me please do not send me an email mine dosent work.

    Dear cierra,
    Thanks so much for your support and I'm so sorry for the bad things happend to you.Please do not worry, everything will be fine,there is a chance for you to get the item for free ,I highly recommend this contest for you by the link,you may get the costume for free if you  become a champion,how about visit the page now ?thanks ~

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes(8) or No(2)

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Product Q&A

Can this get here by the 22nd?

Hello i was wondering if this cosplay could get to where i am by the 22nd. I live in America.

6/5/2014 By Emily

We are afraid that it cannot arrive in time. The processing time is 11 biz days. the expedited shipping is 3-5 biz days. 

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(1) or No(0)

I see gloves in the pictures. They do come with the costume right?

I really need to know before i buy this.

16/6/2013 By Venisha

The gloves are included .Please don't worry to order it .Thank you for visiting us .

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(2) or No(0)

button replacment

I need to order replacement buttons for this costume. do you offer that? I need them all and by the 20th (if even possible). Thanks

30/4/2013 By Brandie

Deeply sorry we haven't  service for button replacement .Thank you for your kind understanding .

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(1) or No(0)

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