Naruto Tsunate 1th Cotton Cosplay Costume

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Naruto Tsunate 1th Cotton Cosplay Costume

  • 70cm Naruto Tsunade Cosplay Wig
    70cm Naruto Tsunade Cosplay Wig 26.99 18.89
  • NARUTO Tsunade Cosplay Shoes
    NARUTO Tsunade Cosplay Shoes 156.84 109.79

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Source Naruto Cosplay Character Tsunate
Components Sash, Overcoat, Top, Pants Fabric Cotton
Anime&Manga Type Shounen Type Sets
Character Type Japanese Anime Height(bare feet)(inch) Female Plus XXXL:72¾, Female Plus XXL:70¾, Female Plus XL:69, Female Plus L:67, Female Plus M:65, Female Plus S:63, Male 3XL :74¼-75½, Female Plus XS:61¼, Male XXL:72¼-73½, Male Plus XXXL:76¾, Kid L :51¼-59¼, Male XL:70¼-71¾, Male Plus XXL:74¾, Kid S :43¼-51¼, Male L:68¼-69¾, Male Plus XL:72¾, Male M :66¼-67¾, Male Plus L:70¾, Female 3XL :72¼-73½, Male S:64¼-65¾, Male Plus M:69, Female XXL:70¼-71¾, Male XS:62¼-63¾, Male Plus S:67, Female XL:68¼-69¾, Male XXS :60¼-61¾, Male Plus XS:65, Female L:66¼-67¾, Female M:64¼-65¾, Female S:62¼-63¾, Female XS:60¼-61¾, Female XXS:58¼-59¾
Bust(inch) Female 3XL :38¼-39, Female XXL:37¼-37¾, Female XL:35¾-36½, Female L:34¾-35½, Female M:33½-34¼, Female S:32¼-33¼, Male 3XL :41¼-42¼, Female XS:31¼-32, Male XXL:40¼-41, Female XXS:30-30¾, Male XL:39-39¾, Male Plus XXXL:50½-53¼, Male L:37¾-38½, Male Plus XXL:48¼-50, Male M :36½-37½, Male Plus XL:45-47¾, Male S:35½-36¼, Male Plus L:42¼-44½, Male XS:34¼-35¼, Male Plus M:39-39¾, Male XXS :33¼-33¾, Male Plus S:36¼-38¼, Male Plus XS:33¾-35¼, Female Plus XXXL:46¼-46¾, Female Plus XXL:44½-45¾, Female Plus XL:42¼-44¼, Female Plus L:38¼-40½, Female Plus M:35¾-37¼, Female Plus S:33¾-35¼, Female Plus XS:32-33¼, Kid L :25½-29½, Kid S :21¾-25¼ Waist(inch) Male L:33¼-33¾, Male Plus XXXL:44¼-46¼, Male M :32-32¾, Male Plus XXL:41-43, Male S:30¾-31½, Male Plus XL:38¼-39, Male XS:29½-30¼, Male Plus L:35¼-37¼, Male XXS :28¼-29¼, Male Plus M:32-33¾, Male Plus S:30-31¼, Female Plus XXXL:39-44¼, Male Plus XS:28-29¼, Female Plus XXL:37¼-38½, Female Plus XL:34¾-36½, Female Plus L:31½-33¼, Female Plus M:28-29¼, Female Plus S:26-27¼, Female Plus XS:23¼-25¼, Kid L :22½-27½, Kid S :19¾-22¼, Female 3XL :30¾-31½, Female XXL:29½-30¼, Female XL:28¼-29¼, Female L:27¼-28, Female M:26-26¾, Female S:24¾-25½, Female XS:23½-24½, Female XXS:22½-23¼, Male 3XL :36½-37½, Male XXL:35½-36¼, Male XL:34¼-35¼
Hip(inch) Female XL:39-39¾, Female L:37¾-38½, Female M:36½-37½, Female S:35½-36¼, Female XS:34¼-35¼, Female XXS:33¼-33¾, Female Plus XXXL:48¾-52, Male 3XL :41¾-42½, Female Plus XXL:46¾-48½, Male XXL:40½-41¼, Female Plus XL:44¼-46½, Male XL:39¼-40¼, Male L:38¼-39, Female Plus L:41-43, Male M :37¼-37¾, Male Plus XXXL:50½-54, Female Plus M:38¼-39, Male S:35¾-36½, Male Plus XXL:48¾-50¾, Female Plus S:35¾-37¼, Male Plus XL:45¾-47¾, Female Plus XS:33¾-35¼, Male XS:34¾-35½, Male Plus L:43-48¾, Kid L :28¾-32¾, Male XXS :33½-34¼, Male Plus M:39¾-41¾, Kid S :23½-28¼, Female 3XL :41¼-42¼, Male Plus S:37¼-39, Female XXL:40¼-41, Male Plus XS:34¾-37¼ Weight 0.76kg

Do you like Naruto Tsunate 1th in the movie? If so, here this Naruto Tsunate 1th cosplay costume will make your loved Naruto Tsunate become alive in the real world. High quality cotton and polyester make the cosplay costume be used for a long time and bring you a feeling of comfort. With this Naruto Tsunate 1th cosplay costume, you will be so cool.

Naruto Tsunate 1th Cotton Cosplay Costume
$ 48.59
5 5 7
Naruto Tsunate 1th Cotton Cosplay Costume
i just got this the other day and i am so happy with it! its great quality! keep up the good work :)

Customer Reviews

  • BySohifa

    i just got this the other day and i am so happy with it! its great quality! keep up the good work :)

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  • ByApril

    I bought this for my daughter who is a huge Naruto fan. To be honest, I did not expect much but I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of this robe. My son loves it and wears it all the time.

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  • ByBrianna

    Hi there. I was interested in buying this but I have a question. Can I have the top as a M and the pants as a L?

    Dear Brianna,
    Sorry we can not do that for you for it does not go with the original design.

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Product Q&A

I am big fan of Naruto Tsunate and am so astonished to see this costume here. It is unique, simple and elegant. Before i order for the costume there are few things which i would like to know. The first question is that can i be able to get a different color apart from a green one. I would prefer a red one or a black one. Are the shoes included in the costumes? I am comfortable with the price of the costume and the design it’s fantastic!

12/10/2011 By Maureen

Sincerely sorry, only the shown color is available, shoes are excluded,  Components:  Sash , Overcoat , Top , Pants  

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machine wash or dry clean?

can i machine wash this, or does it need to be cry cleaned?

13/10/2015 By DustinLisa

Thank you for taking interesting in our product.Both machine wash and dry clean are Ok,Please select a soft machine wash,otherwise,dry cleaning can offer better care of clothes.Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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How long will it take for custom-made?

If I were to order my cosplay today, How long will it take for the order to ship to my house?

18/9/2014 By Britnie

The process takes about 11 biz days. You may check the shipping fee and time by adding it into your shopping cart and click the button est. shipping time and cost, then you may choose the shipping method and see the price there

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